Moonshot timeline

COVID Moonshot Timeline 1st April.pdf (103.7 KB)


Love this write up. Thanks @LisaCox

Updated timeline reflecting earlier COVID Moonshot Timeline 3rd April.pdf (103.7 KB) start to Fast Track & staggered start to Rat Cassette

Updated timelineCOVID Moonshot Timeline 9th April.pdf (91.8 KB)

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Thanks Lisa! I think some compounds would need several rounds of synthesis-testing-x-ray crystallography-design-synthesis-testing, before they can be progressed into in vivo models? Is there room for that in the project?

Great point @JoostU. Yes, we do have room for that in the project. The timeline is drafted assuming we can find a lead which is worthwhile to get PK data on. We expect rounds of design-make-test cycles, obviously hoping that the community input will help us make the best decisions with compound selection and reduce the number of cycles :smiley:

Dear Team,

I assume that, although round 2 has finished, the subsequently submitted compounds will still be analyzed (e.g. docked etc.) and that there will be subsequent rounds? Any timeline for this?

keep up the great work,

Summary & updated timelineMoonshot Timeline & Status 20th April.pdf (112.8 KB)

Summary & updated timeline (Gantt Chart)Moonshot Timeline & Status 22nd April.pdf (344.6 KB)


Updated timelineMoonshot Timeline & Status 7th May.pdf (339.2 KB)