Moonshot compounds synthesis tracking!

Placeholder to keep track of the status of each compounds through the synthesis stage.
This folder will be updated regularly. It contains several lists:

  • compounds that have passed the makeability and docking scores filters, and were submitted for review to Enamine
  • compounds that Enamine will synthesise
  • compounds that are synthesised by other labs
  • compounds that are currently unclaimed, but that we find interesting
    @mc-robinson, I will add the platemaps of all compounds received here too
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Hi @AnthonyA and @mc-robinson ,
The round 2 folder is still completely empty.
When are you planning to chose and order
the molecules from the second call?

Hey, quick update on this.
The medchemists group has given a list of 204 compounds with their own filters - they have been sent to Enamine who will get back to us with the list of compounds that they can make.
Once 3d methods are more established, another selection will be made with a more important input from the compchem guys.