Website stats tracking

Would it be possible to have a link to google stats of the website?
It would be interesting to showcase how the initiative attracted the worlwide scientific community (and would be mentionned in the pre-print in prep)

@AnthonyA So I actually put it all up quite quick and totally neglected the granular analytics – will be much better in the future. But for tracking the progress, I can look at the number of new connections and requests to the load balancer.

New Connections (per day, measured last three weeks)

Total requests to page over last 3 weeks (sum per day)

Happy to rework them however you wish for the paper.

Probably worth mentioning that we got over 1000 molecule submissions in that last crunch before the first deadline.

Oh also, the forum itself is doing getting slightly better:

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Thanks Matt, very helpful, I’ll get back on this later.
I’m guessing the first peak was the day before the first deadline?

Correct, scientists love their deadlines!