Unable to submit for synthesis: Molecule cannot be empty


I was trying to submit a compound but I’m getting an error. Something like " Unable to submit for synthesis: Molecule cannot be empty".
Could someone explain me why this occurred?
Unfortunately, I’m no expert in computational studies, but many of you are, so please if you can, include this molecule in your calculations.

This compound, already published (please see ) and called simply by “L” or “sdp”, was designed by me and my PhD advisor for a different purpose. However, when I was looking to the pockets available in this S protein, which seem very prone to allow binding of small molecules, I immediately thought of this sdp compound. It is a molecule very predisposed to establish hydrogen bonds and pi-pi interactions.
Furthermore, the synthetic pathway is rather simple, only two steps to the final compound (see the article), and it is water soluble, and all the pK’s in strictly aqueous solution were determined. The log K values are: 8.81, 3.76, 2.80, 2.24, meaning that the most dominant species is HL+ between pH ~ 4 and ~ 9.
We do not have the single crystal X-ray structure of sdp, but we have the structure of the product from the first step of the synthetic pathway:

Hi, sorry you are having trouble submitting! My guess is that you need to “Add” the molecule (button right next to SMILES text) before you press submit. Also, make sure to select at least one fragment.

And thanks for the reading, interested to take a look!

Thanks. I’ve now successfully submitted the molecule.

Sorry about before, I’ve missed the button “Add”.

Are you looking only for educated guesses, or the larger library of molecules you get, the best?

Best regards.

Great, glad it worked for you, sorry about the confusion! I would say we are looking for targeted designs since we now have over 2000 molecules submitted (and that is without allowing bulk csv upload!) We would really appreciate people focusing on a few molecules they think would be important to test to help drive the project forward.