Submissions not showing up - should i expect confirmation email?

I’ve now submitted a design twice, incl. a PDB file, and after uploading I was taken to the page showing the overview of all the submitted design. However, I was not able to find my design. Also did not receive an email nor was a discussion forum entry created. There was a topic created for the design that someone else submitted after me (based on the time listed in the forum).

Can someone help me figuring out what I am missing?



Thanks for your answer. BEN-DND-362 is not mine but the other three links are! I didn’t find them initially on the submission page but now I see them. Maybe I just have to wait a bit longer before they show up …

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Actually I can’t find my submission ( in the forum and the repo (
I submitted just before the 2nd-round deadline, but was it invalid? @mc-robinson

Hi, sorry about this! Let me look into it. Are you sure it was from before the deadline? I pulled the data exactly at 23:59 PST Thursday?

I posted just before this timing:
23:59 PST Thursday was 16:59 JST Friday, so I posted just before that.
Sorry for submitting at the very last minute.

Ahh so I think Daylight Savings Time may be an issue here. I believe the difference is currently 16 hours and your submission was an hour after midnight. Nevertheless, since your compounds are in REAL space and can be done very quickly by Enamine, I’ll have someone take a look.

Oh… I’m sorry I didn’t notice that it was DST.
Thank you for your consideration!