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The 4-pyridone carbonyl oxygen is one of the strongest known hydrogen bond acceptors and this article provides additional information.

You can now generate direct links to Fragalysis, copy and adapt this:

(The L and P switches correspond to the toggles for each compound, so C and S work too.)

Trying again, text-only this time:
[[fragalysisURL]] //viewer/react/preview/direct/target/Mpro/mols/X11294/L/P/X11294/L/P

Attempt #3

[[fragalysis URL]]/viewer/react/preview/direct/target/Mpro/mols/X11294/L/P/BEN-DND-7e92b6ca-1/L/P

Many thanks, Frank, this is useful and I’ll update some of my other submissions with fragalysis links.