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Hi Ed.
Are the ADME Tox data available for these compounds on this forum or are these properties predicted?

Hi John, The data is on CDD - we’ve not got a good way of exposing all of the ADME data on the forum - if you’d like access drop me a line. HLM Clint (uL/min/mg) data:

BEN-DND-c852c98b-5 : 3
PET-UNK-29afea89-2 : 17

I can access this as well. thanks! I just don’t go on there too often and I thought it would be nice to have, with the submissions, activity etc sections a metabolism one, but it;s easy for me to say, not having to deal with all of these logistics!
Thanks and keep up the great work. We did dabble with litmus test Alt oxidase predictions on a few quinolines and I’ll post something shortly.

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