My submissions are not showing up

This should now be fixed with discussion at

Sorry for the issues


your molecule name is always the first 3 letters of your name and then the first 3 letters of your institution with a 3 character code after that so mine is CHA(rlie)-KIN(gs) College-xxx
e.g. CHA-KIN-cd2
If you go to the submissions page and scroll straight to the bottom so you browser loads the complete page and then search for e.g. ‘CHA-KIN’ then you can check your submission exists. Also useful if you want to copy text from a previous submission into a new one.

NB: If your name only has 2 characters the code will have a space as the third character

Cheers, Charlie.

Hi @Ben_DNDi, @CharlieNicholsKCL is correct about the naming.

For you, I find the entries

BEN-DND-362 .

There will not be a confirmation email unfortunately, and easiest way to confirm is indeed to use the “Find” command.

From you description, my guess is that you have either forgotten to fill out the Fragments field, or to “Add” the molecule (button next to SMILES string text box). Let me know if you are still having issues!

Worse comes to worse, you can just reply to this post (or email covid [at] postera [dot] ai) with the info and SMILES, and I will post it for you!

Oh sorry, I also just realized the initial comment was quite a long time ago! Sorry

@mc-robinson My submissions aren’t showing up either: when I hit “Start discussion” on my submitted molecule (e.g. it takes me simply to here: About the COVID_submissions category. And I’m unable to find that submission if I search the category.
I imagine I’m doing something wrong?

In fact, it’s a Firefox problem; in Chrome, it took me straight to the discussion.

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