Lopinavir, ritonavir, arbidol, CQ, HCQ as possible leads

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I collect all CT. So L/R do not work alone, but with arbidol, which also does not work alone. Why not to treat them (lopinavir, ritonavir, arbidol) as leads? The next working option is CQ and HCQ. These guys work by modifying host: endosome alkalinization and glycation interrupting. So the second point is inhibitors of glycation. Or do u only concentrate here on main P?

Hi, thank you for your comment. We are mainly focusing on the main protease since it seems to be very promising due to Diamond/XChem’s fragment screening work. However, we are highly aware that a successful therapeutic will likely require combination. Right now, our belief is that we need a lot of shots on goal towards fighting COVID.

We have some groups screening existing drugs in silico and this was also done in a few studies on chemrxiv doing screening of repurposing libraries. Perhaps we should collect them here

Thanks for posting @JSPEN. Indeed interesting, but from reading this and other commentaries on the “trial,” I fear we don’t know that much more than we did before it. I’m definitely excited for the larger trial results – but I feel all we know for now is that Remdesivir is not a miracle drug (or “parachute” as people who do RCTs call it, I guess). At the very least, it seems pretty safe – which is good!

Also, I read they were having some trouble enrolling people in Remdesivir trials in the US due to so many people wanting HCQ (I’ll refrain from commenting on why that may be…). At least, more people might enroll in the larger Remdesivir trials we need now.