I'm not a chemist, but

I’ve still tried to commit a molecule that is a totally overdone, as compact as possible containing as many covalent warheads as possible, in the smallest place possible, still containing the main ingredients in most of the earlier submissions with covalent warheads in them. So it’s possibly more of a virus-killer than a vaccine I’ve drawn. Please forgive if somebody already owns the rights to this molecule, I’m not aware, I just wanted to share my brainchild.
Somebody please tell me if its makeable or clearly poisonus (to other than virus).

Hi @Unnisa, unfortunately, this is not really chemically reasonable and could never be made or really exist in reality.

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Thank you!
It was just me that have noticed that most earlier sent in results (of the quite a lot I looked at) with covalent warheads tends to have three benzene-rings, doublebound oxygen, triplebound nitrogen, singlebound NH2, and sulphur (just in case this observation is useful).

Anyways, thank you to all of the real chemist doing a good job out there.

(and it’s maybe a good thing it is not doable, onliest name that makes sense for this one is “Satan”, due to all the sulphur in the middle and 6 bonds on each of the benzene-or-whatever-they-are-now-rings.)