How to search submissions by compound ID?

Hi, how can one find the forum post for a particular design using it’s ID? (e.g. TRY-UNI-714-18)

(I sense it might be a stupid question…)

Not ideal, at this second, due to having to change the ID format last week for interoperability of programs that can’t handle UTF-8. But it is being improved.

A couple of current ways:

Search for submission by URL:

Go to compound tracker and enter TRY-UNI-714 in search bar.

Search compound by SMILES or by drawing here

Thanks. Yesterday the compound tracker took forever to populate - today it’s quick (cache?).

Somewhere global would be rather useful.

I now notice the actual problem is that the IDs changed, so the search doesn’t work with the old IDs. I suggest it should…

So that URL trick does not work for MAT-POS-916a2c5a-2.

This link just brings up all submissions (I think):

Or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @frankvondelft, sorry this API needs some improvement. The submission is technically MAT-POS-916a2c5a (no -2 at the end) so this link will work

And will get you directly to MAT-POS-916a2c5a-2. Not a great design, but still scriptable pretty easily in code if you need a direct link for each compound.

Otherwise, easiest way to find things is likely typing MAT-POS-916a2c5a-2 into the search bar at