Antiviral data & updates

Is there any way to access the anti-viral data which has been generated for the best compounds? It doesn’t seem to be in the activity data sheet.

Also is there a location for storing the various update documents you prodcue - I see them ocassionally as forum posts but it might be nice to store them as pdf somewhere easy to access…

Thanks, @Ben_DNDi. Sorry I have been slow responding with Thanksgiving, but I have the antiviral data as a google sheet link somewhere. I’ll try to fish it out today.

@mc-robinson Did ever come around to finding those data sheets?

Because last month I saw the presentation “COVID Moonshot - Open science discovery of SARS-CoV-2 Mpro inhibitors with machine learning and crowdsourcing” and there they had a slide titled “Current Moonshot leaderboard” with various types of data (Activity, ADME, Off-target, in vivo stability and in vivo PK).

So I wanted to ask if there is an online source with all this data somewhere?