A shoutout to the many synthetic chemists who offered to make molecules (wow...)

Many thanks for your ideas! The PostEra team is generating synthetic routes and sending them to Enamine for further evaluation. In the next day or two, we will triage molecules into three tiers:

  1. Molecules that are readily synthesizable and predicted to have potency. These will be synthesised by Enamine, funded by the initiative - they’ll be in biochemical assays within 1-2 weeks.

  2. Molecules that are hard to make but predicted to be interesting (potent, chemically diverse, non-toxic). These are the ones we would could really use your help for: you’ll be able to “claim” the ones you’re interested in, and we can provide thoughts on the synthetic route. You’d send the compounds to Enamine, and we’ll cover the cost of the biological assays.

  3. For any molecules you’re anxious to make and have tested, but that don’t fall in #1 or #2: if you are willing to make the compounds and fund the biological tests, we’ll be happy to try and bring them through the cascade, provided your molecules are submitted here and you’re happy for all data to go public like everything else in this project.

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