Submission LOR-NEU-c8f11034

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Hi @lferrins, thank you for your submission! Just making sure I understand correctly; have you coordinated with Tatiana at Enamine about getting these sent to the correct places for assay and structures. Or would you like me to help connect you?

Hi @mc-robinson, I actually reached out to a different person at Enamine who I have worked with before. I would appreciate an introduction to Tatiana though if she is familiar with how everything works that will certainly help expedite the process! Thanks!

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Hi yes, please see this post here How to send moonshot compounds for testing . Please post your info there, and then I will also make sure you get in touch with Tatiana! The logistic should be relatively easy since you are ordering from Enamine.


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Hello friends, can i ask about the differences between of the IC50 assay results?
Why there’re so much different between Rapidfire assay’s result (0.74 µM) and Florescence assay’s result (99 or 198 µM since the chart showed 99 µM and the page showed 198 µM, is this a typo mistake?)?