Metal warheads?

Hi Alpha
Hopefully we may soon have 4 Au complexes going into xray runs . Let’s see what they give!!!
Hope all is well

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Amazing! Looking forward to seeing what they give.
and look for Joh-uni for others

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crazy, competitive times!

A Role for Metal-Based Drugs in Fighting Covid-19 Infection? The Case of Auranofin

  • Tiziano Marzo
    and * Luigi Messori

Cite this: ACS Med. Chem. Lett. 2020, XXXX, XXX, XXX-XXX

Publication Date:May 8, 2020

Copyright © 2020 American Chemical Society


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Well we believe there is indeed a case and are testing it, right? The rare benefit of this platform with comments, is that people can comment and we can get action!

Do we have an ETA for when the compounds Dr.Spencer sent will be assayed?

FAO Matt and Stentor; I think we might have results today. Stentor, you’ve been very proactive, send me your details (if you wish) to and, if we publish, you;'re on the paper! That is, if we get some nice results. Fingers crossed!
This is an amazing opportunity first and foremost in trying to improve covid-19 research and drug opportunities.

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Any updates? It has been a week

Not yet. Shouldn’t be long. Bank holiday tomorrow. They ran a lot last week but need time to look at data. I’m sure it will all be fine!

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Looks like some potency data was posted!!!


Indeed, we should be running IC50s next week. As you can see a lot of background noise (128% inhibition), but hope some good data comes out. If so, we can get the team to try extra hard to get a crystal structure

Yes! I heard but I’ve had enough false positives to know that these don’t always work after a proper dose response… However, lit. seems to indicate auranofin works vs covid so this might pan out an we’d have a MPro angle to take it. We have other gold complexes too to have a bit of SAR hopefully and a xray would be great. It didn’t work before but maybe a coxstallisation might work but one thing at a time. Cautious optimism…
I’m a Liverpool supporter… we have the League… … nearly… not quite… It’s a similar situation here lol!!!

Matt; a search query/not a criticism. When i go through my list of compounds to see what is assayed and I click on that molecule, I do not go back to my search, i have to start it again. If i was on page 6 of my search i go right back to the beginning. Not sure if we can finesse this to continue the search as is? sorry, just trying to get this from near to absolute perfection and I appreciate you work 25h/day on this so it’s not a big issue!!!

reassuring actually to see the Au complexes don’t all inhib >100% as it would be a worry of off target effect…

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Although I think we are still dead in the water (paper wise) without a drug-mpro xray crystallography

Patience… One thing at a time. Let’s see if they are true binders. if so, we push for cocrystal studies. Maybe we could try simpler gold salts or a broader range to maximise chances… But, first thing first.
The best things come to those who wait!!! Cheers


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It’s getting hot out there!

More impetus for us to push forward on target validation and then a crystal dumped into PDB

Gold complexes, MPro structure.