Donation for one's own design

Is it possible to make a donation so that the compounds of one’s own design are to be chosen to be synthesized?
I screened from the Enamine REAL database, so it should be a matter of money.

That is actually a very good idea. If one has confidence in his own designs, why not putting some skin in the game to get them made and tested? Of course, it is a question of how expensive that will be. But that could be a way to have the own designs being “fast-tracked” if they otherwise wouldn’t have been selected?

Can someone elaborate on the costs?

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Hi @souyakuchan and @Fabian, this is a very good question. We have been considering this since a couple of people have kindly offered.

@frankvondelft @londonir and @alphalee can jump in, but let me outline a few thoughts.

My general immediate response is YES, we would love for others to cover costs if they want their compounds made! However, we need to be sure that others fully understand the costs.

@souyakuchan since your compounds are in REAL, the main cost will likely not be the synthesis itself but rather the first round of assays. See Screening Cascade by @edgriffen. We can definitely get back to you with more exact cost estimates. Off the top of my head – between REAL space synthesis, shipping, threshold solubility, protease binding, and perhaps hepatocytes – my guess is around $400 - $700 USD per compound depending. But I can definitely supply a much more exact number soon!

Now, if the synthesis is more complicated, it of course takes time to evaluate feasibility, quote it, and the price goes up significantly. But we are happy to look into doing that as long as people understand the costs.

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Thank you very much!
I guess I can donate for two or three REAL compounds depending on the cost.

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How’s it going? I want to donate for my own compounds. @mc-robinson

Sorry for the delay! Let me get in touch with people to get a detailed cost report ready!

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It’s fine if our donation will make it to the synthesis.

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This would also be very useful for me to know in terms of adding to research grants. It would seem to make sense to make use of the pipeline / workflow that you’ve already put so much effort into, rather than set up entirely parallel academic collaborator + CRO argeements.


@jarvist and @souyakuchan, just an update on this. Everybody is now aware of this and we are just getting the assay labs to come back to us with a better understanding of their costs. (things have been moving so fast that we haven’t paid great attention to exactly what the cost of each compound is)

Should be back to you soon.


I donated just a little bit! :wink: (
After knowing the actual cost, I will donate some more.